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Greetings cyber travellers! Chances are if you've arrived at this site you already know who I am, but to clear the air for any of those who have wandered in my name is Lewis; Justin Lewis. I haven't really decided why I wanted a webpage or what I'm going to use it for, but my hopes are that after enjoying pictures of my charming pets your minds will be pliable enough for me to shove my opinions on more pressing matters down your throat. Or rather I should say, I'd like to have a one way conversation ;)

All joking aside, I'm pretty much a nerd who likes gadgets and vampires.

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Latest News


Finding myself absolutely mentally checked out from my current job, I begin casting out my net in search of lucrative, rewarding employment at a company with potential for growth and stability.


SSD installed in Bay 2 on the Laptop and Ubuntu installed for experimental purposes. Now I just need to get XP transferred to the SSD for faster boot/read/write times.


After many months of casual effort, I've finally managed to gain root access to my Transformer Prime Tablet!


Domain is created, website is online and under heavy construction. I haven't quite decided what I want to put on the site so expect many changes as I figure it out.


Nothing exciting happened on this day as far as I'm concerned, but there are slow news days.